B i o g r a p h y


Tony is a prolific multi-instrumentalist composer and performer who has just completed his 10th solo album. The word Solo takes on a literal meaning, in that he produces, engineers and performs alone in all stages of the recording process. 


Tony studied music in Cleveland Ohio, beginning at age 10. His interests were sparked by several genres of music. As often as possible he would attend concerts at Severance Hall, absorbing the classical magic of The Cleveland Orchestra. But the variety of available styles of music, in his formative years, led him on a journey of exploration.  He became the lead singer and bassist for a handful of regionally successful bands in Ohio, and eventually moved to California where he continued to expand and hone his craft. Some of that resulted in him composing and performing in several original theatrical productions in northern Cal, as well as acting and singing in over a dozen plays and musicals.

Tony lives closely with nature in the comfortable rural environment of the Sierra Mountain Foothills, accompanied by his soul mate, Lauren. The piano has become a primary instrument for expressing his unique composing and performance abilities. 7 of his 10 solo albums are peaceful, serene and healing.  This is where his gift to the deeper spirit of humanity has developed exponentially. His exquisite piano compositions weave thru amazingly beautiful passages and truly speak comfort and healing. As Tony pursues this life path of musician, the focus is to find joy in creating moods with sound that sooth and inspire himself and listeners.